DYLAN has had his plays produced, read or developed at the Ensemble Studio Theatre, Ars Nova, Naked Angels, The Woodshed Collective, Studio 42, the 52nd Street Project, and At Play Productions,  among other places. He is an alumnus of EST Youngblood and the Ars Nova Play Group as well as a founding member of the Naked Angels podcast “Naked Radio.”  Full resume here.  Scroll down to read some plays. 


Selected Full Lengths

  • "TALL (A TALE)"
    After his heart wrenching appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, local six foot four actor Will Rogers is offered a breakout role in a major motion picture. But there's one small condition: he has to have his shins surgically removed in a highly skeptical “shortening” procedure. A gripping tale about what it means to be “vertically unchallenged” in an ever shrinking world.
    Performance History:
    - Naked Angels' "First Mondays" reading series. Dir. Davis McCallum.
    - Studio 42's "Unproducible" reading series. Dir. Laura Savia. 


Selected Short Plays

  • "Lose the Banter" - when the hosts of Alan and Addie at the Movies try to record their show promos hungover, things start going cinematically wrong. Performed at several Juilliard and Williamstown Actors Showcases. READ
  • "My Father My Manager" - Nora's father is devoted to her acting career. Too devoted. Performed at EST and Live From the Loft. READ

Selected Kids Plays (all performed at the 52nd St. Project): 

  • "Broadcast Aways" - two men crash on a desert island in a plane full of television equipment. Staving off madness, they begin to report the news. READ
  • "Portal Potty" - when a sewage worker tries to help a nerd trapped in a Port-a-Potty, lightning strikes and the two are spun into an endless stream of parallel universes. READ
  • "Extraordinary Tattoo" - a tattoo artist discovers that one of his tattoos is the secret to getting a young alien girl back to her home planet. READ

Selected Radio Plays (all performed on the Naked Radio podcast):

  • "Whorehouse of Whorrors" - a man kills his mistress at a whorehouse in 19th century New York, only to find she's left him with a deadly disease no amount of bloodshed will cure. READ LISTEN